Collection: Long Stitch Kits

Long Stitch Kits

We have a lovely collection of long stitch kits for you to choose from including beautiful long stitch landscapes, pretty flowers and patterned cushion front kits.

Long stitch kits are perfect for beginners to tapestry needlework as they are easy to do and very therapeutic. The outline of the design is usually printed on the canvas and the stitches worked from a matching printed diagram. Each area to be stitched is numbered and each number represents a specific shade or colour listed in a colour key, a bit like painting by numbers but with a needle and thread.

Long stitch is exactly that, long straight stitches, usually vertical but can be horizontal, stitched in blocks or areas to create the image. Varying the length of the stitches creates the shape, definition and detail of the pattern or picture.

Long stitch kits are quick to work and can be very addictive, have fun choosing your long stitch design.